Every year, we recruit and engage new talents to start an exciting journey at Safilo. Will you be the next?

Safilo Product School is looking for different professional profiles and shared soft skills: highly collaborative, proactive, curious, always interested in learning, and with a genuine passion for eyewear and fashion. A good knowledge of English and computer literacy are also required.

Access to the Safilo Product School program includes a 3-year apprenticeship contract.

In the past editions, Safilo’s Product School was focused on the following professional profiles:

Product Developer


The Product Developer manages and coordinates the different development phases of the eyewear product, evaluating technical feasibility and seeking industrial solutions through design optimization, always liaising with the creative minds (designers), the brand management and the manufacturing plants and suppliers.

Product Innovation Specialist


The Innovation Specialist is a figure of cross technical skills, both technical and technological, but also of marketing and business management. It must be flexible and creative, but at the same time it must be able to govern innovation processes. It is involved in introducing new products and improving existing products or production processes. It interacts with several corporate figures including Product Developers, Designers, Brand Managers, Trade Marketing, Settlements, and Suppliers.

Color Stylist


The Color Stylist collaborates with the designer team in the selection and proposal of new color ranges and materials to create new eyewear collections. He/she has an extensive knowledge of technicalities of colors, depth and tones, and also scouts seasonal trends to deliver mood boards that can enhance the unique style and distinctive DNA of each brand.

Industrial Designer


The Industrial Designer develops style drawings for the different brand collections and builds the product collection based on commercial points and product clusters. In the design process, he/she gathers creative ideas for sparking and inspiring design.

CAD Designer


The CAD designer manages the technical drawings and the designs of the different models created by Safilo’s designers. Prototypes are then developed according to the technical drawings. The CAD designer must also assess the technical feasibility of the eyewear products and ensure all fitting requirements.